Our operations and licensed under Transport Canada. UAV Ontario will assess the site and obtain any required authorizations before flying your site.


UAV technologies can easily provide surveys for commercial or industrial development including progress reports, site inspections and more.


Our UAVs have on-board image stabilization to acquire exceptionally smooth video (4K and above) under a variety of difficult conditions.


We can provide single or mosaic images for virtually unlimited resolution allowing the client to see details of the site otherwise previously unattainable.

Drone Survey, Mapping & Video

UAVs (although commonly referred to as “drones”) are small, remotely controlled aircraft which typically have a payload for photography/videography and other survey, imaging and mapping applications. We can provide end to end service, including georeferenced orthomosaic processing, video post-production and more. We can also provide additional vertical output formats and flight logs and records when needed.

Applications range from construction and land survey to commercial developers and their stakeholders. Our quick turnaround with legal and insured operations provide quality aerial data, in a short period of time, with no hassles. Although many operators continue to provide these services without the proper authorization, we have the supporting Transport Canada certifications and licensing, which includes many years of experience flying, as well as liability insurance for our drone and related operations.

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